Maybe you need to capture...
...or maybe you just need a director with a very particular set of skills?

Our global talent network gives us the agility and scale to create anything, anywhere.

Over the last decade we’ve built up an expansive database of independent directors, photographers, illustrators, animators and global services.

This has enabled us to provide our clients with exactly what they need, where they need it.

Simply put, these guys are heroes.
What are their super powers?

How about pulling together the best directorial talent out of thin air. Or coordinating a four-city, 12-day shoot with a week’s prep and ink on the creative still wet as the cameras started rolling?

They are the goddamn Justice League – they bring together the right people with the right skills to make the creative sing: art, tech, edit, music, whatever it takes.

You need Martian Manhunter?
They’ll get Martian Manhunter.

Robert Balog – Group Creative Director
Ogilvy & Mather NYC

Irresistible Studios is a group of three specialist, creative production companies representing some of the finest
 global talent.

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